Pretty Panties: What Do Your Undies Say About You?

Whether you’re a bikini, thong or full-on granny kinda girl, underwear is normally kept a secret… but this is “The Real”! Find out what the hosts’ choice of undies says about them!

Adrienne describes herself as a pretty girlie in the indie department. “When I think of girls, I think of ruffles and bows,” she shares.” It says you’re feminine and delicate and love feeling special. It also says you’re sensual.”

Jeannie says she loves to strut in front of her man in boy shorts. “They show just enough booty cleavage on the bottom to make you feel donk-a-licious,” she says. “Boy shorts say you're active, adventurous and up for anything!”

Tamera describes herself as cotton indie girl. “Think about spicing it up by getting different patterns. Here are some days of the week ones. Sometimes you can wear them out of order if you’re feeling wild,” Tamera suggests. “Girls like me don’t need all the frills to feel hot. We make comfort a priority.”

Tamar says she likes to be covered in lace because she likes to feel ladylike. “Women like me refuse to accept anything below standard below the waist. We may look delicate, but we enjoy being spoiled because we deserve it,” she says.

Loni likes to go without! “It’s called commando! You see, undie-less divas are really in tune with their sensual side and hate being put in a box,” she shares. “Or, they just forget to do laundry. Ain’t no thang, We’re free to do as we please.”


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