10 Signs Your Man Is Definitely a Mama's Boy!

If your boyfriend's mom is the number one woman in his life, chances are you've got a mama's boy on your hands! That's the type of relationship in which you have to compete for his affection, and nothing you do can compare to the way his dear ol' mama does it.

Check out these 10 signs your man might be a mama's boy.

  1. She pops up unannounced.
  2. He compares your cooking to his mama's.
  3. He buys her random gifts just because it's Monday.
  4. He can't stand up to her.
  5. She's the only person who can put him in check.
  6. Whenever he gets good news, he calls her first.
  7. He still lives with her!
  8. She still does his laundry and cleans up after him.
  9. They talk every day. Every. Single. Day!
  10. Whenever she's around, he turns into a little boy.


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