REAL Questions You Should Never Ask

What happens when keeping it real goes wrong? Someone may get embarrassed or even worse, offended. The easiest way to offend a woman is to ask a question on the “just don’t go there” list. 

To save you from a ravaged relationship, here’s a list of questions to avoid!

  1. Are you losing weight? 
  2. How much money do you make?
  3. Adrienne’s Pick: When are you getting married? 
  4. What’s your first language?
  5. Tamar’s Pick: Where do you buy your hair extensions? 
  6. Is that bag fake?
  7. Loni’s Pick: When are you going to have a baby? 
  8. Have you had plastic surgery?
  9. Jeannie's Pick: Do you like my outfit, or how do I look? 
  10. Is that your natural hair color?
  11. Tamera’s Pick: When are you due?


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