Fashion Fingers: Nail Art Tips and Tricks!

If you want to make a REAL fashion statement, let your hands do the talking! These days, nail trends are popping up everywhere, and you’ll need more than a basic French manicure or that one-color polish to keep up. Check out these these daring and elaborate nail designs from “Nail’d It” judge Jan Arnold, and get inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

Try Peek-a-Boo Nails
“This is called the Peek-a-Boo manicure! Just like a certain pair of red-bottom designer shoes, the look is not just about what you see on the surface, but underneath as well,” Jan details. “Pairing it with the stiletto nail shape really takes it to the next level.”

Try Cuticle Tattoos
“Nail art is not just about what’s on your nail. We’re now taking the art beyond the fingertip… and on the cuticle,” Jan shares. “This manicure shows us how to jazz up a basic nail color by adding cuticle tattoos. These tattoos are temporary, but very eye-catching."

Try Junk Nail
“This look demands attention… these are junk nails! You can really be creative with these,” Jan says. “You can add rhinestones, lace, jewelry, you name it! It’s like the things you add to your nails jump out at you!”


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