Stylish Ways to Rock Temporary Tattoos!

If you’re looking to add some no-strings-attached bling to your everyday look, sexy temporary tattoos are the way to go! They’re the latest trend to hit the streets, and this stick-on accessory looks great with metal jewelry. Check out four chic ways to rock the look, below.

Bracelet Jewelry Tattoo
According to Rosalin Siv from Golddust NYC, you can add fancy, gold arm candy in three easy steps. “Cut out the tattoo, peel off the clear film, apply the tattoo using water,” she says. “Make sure you take your time and don’t rush it, and if you want them lined up perfectly, you can use a ruler as a guide.”

Ring Jewelry Tattoos
“Jewelry can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially rings, so these are a good option because you can wear as many as you want with no constriction to your fingers,” Rosalin says. “These tattoos come in different styles and widths, and shades of medal so you can change up your look whenever you feel like it.”

Body Jewelry Tattoos
Have fun by applying temporary tattoos to places where you wouldn’t normally wear jewelry. According to Rosalin, “Applying tattoos to the neck, shoulders and torso — really any place you want — adds a little attention and bling. They make an outfit really look feminine and sexy.”

Try Layering
“Mixing gold and silver adds dimension,” Rosalin points out. “I like to mix real jewelry with the tattoos, which gives it an interesting look.”

Extra Tip: If you want to remove your shiny new bling, use a little baby oil and a cotton ball. It’s that simple. Shine on, ladies!


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