Pretty Dirty Beauty Secrets

Just because you didn’t have time to shower or apply a fresh face of makeup doesn’t mean you can’t look beat to death! Look good even on your worst days with these pretty dirty beauty tips.

Learn how to fix chipped nails, do your hair and turn running eye makeup into a sexy smoky eye. The best part is that you can do it all with stuff found in your purse!

1. Pretzel Bun for Messy Hair
Whenever her hair needs a quick fix, Adrienne opts for a chic pretzel bun. “This may sound crazy, but you can use hand lotion to smooth down the frizz,” she says. “Divide your hair into two sections, then tie the hair as if you were crossing it like a pretzel, multiple times. The longer the hair, the more you tie. Roll up the hair braid and tuck it into the bun. Then, secure it with bobby pins.” It’s that simple!

2. Cotton Swab for Raccoon Eyes
When your eye makeup gives you raccoon eyes, Jeannie says embrace the raccoon and turn that beast in to a smokey eye! “Start by cleaning up any smeared eye makeup with a cotton swab and smudge around the lower eye,” she advises. “Now dip the cotton swab in a little bit of water and smudge the eyeliner up onto the lid and around the eyes. It looks sexy, and a smokey is totally fine for daytime!”

3. Glitter Polish for Chipped Nails
“Nothing screams hanky nails like chipped polish. Keep your digits looking fresh by adding a coat of chunky glitter polish,” Loni says. “It disguises all destroyed manicures. Your nails may be busted, but your look is not!”


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