Bra-vo! 4 Bras Every Woman Should Own

There are so many different types of bras, and choosing the right one for each outfit can be a headache. Good thing the ladies of “The Real” had style and beauty expert Emily Loftiss on the show to help us navigate these “girl" problems.

Check out four essential bras that every woman should have in her wardrobe. With these must-have brassieres, you’ll be covered for any situation!

Push-Up Bra
Whenever you want to give your twins the maximum amount of attention, a push-up bra is the go-to choice. “This bra that our model is wearing has extra padding where the breast rests,” Emily shows. “It gives you a fuller cup and incredible lift that is surely to turn heads.”

Racerback Bra
If you are wearing something with prominent shoulders out in the back, choose a racerback style. “Bra straps sticking out of racerback tops are just plain weird and mess up your outfit,” Emily says. “Listen ladies, those clear straps… we still see them! They are not invisible. This bra solves that problem while giving you incredible support.”

Bra-vo tip: Certain bras come with a hook to turn your straps into racerback. Those hooks are very convenient, so use them!

Strapless Bra
This bra can go with anything! According to Emily, strapless bras work for racerback shirts, jumpers and dresses of every kind. “Make sure you get the strapless bra that has a silicone lining on the edge of the bust line to help it stay up,” she advises. “Then you won’t be pulling it up all night long.”

Low-Back Bra
The low-back bra is perfect for low-cut tops and dresses. “Sometimes the hooking strap isn’t low enough. You can try to push it down, but it will come right back up,” Emily explains. “The best thing to go with are these straps you buy separately. They can make any bra a low back, and it gives you a little more shine without forfeiting support.”

Bra-vo tip: Nude bras aren’t the same for every skin tone. Try to get a color as close as possible your complexion when buying a new one. If you wear the wrong nude, you can see it through your shirt.


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