Pimp Out Your Pumpkin Without a Knife!

Carving pumpkins is so last year! Not only is it messy, but jack-o'-lanterns rot after a few days. Halloween is right around the corner, so put down the knife and try out these no-cut recipes to pimp out your pumpkin!

Bedazzled Pumpkin
According to lifestyle expert Kelly Edwards, you can avoid messy pumpkin guts with no-curve decorations. Plus, knives aren’t always are for the kids. To create a blinged-out pumpkin, all you have to do is paint the body black and the stem silver, then glue on jewels. “Attach different size gems in a creative pattern to the pumpkin,” she says. “You can use hot glue or craft glue. The more blingy, the better!”

Stacked Pumpkin
For something more personalized, try stacked pumpkins with bows and letters. “You need three small pumpkins for this one. You paint them with metallic paint for shimmer,” Kelly explains. “We attached then together by securing all three with strong epoxy glue. Last, we decorate with bows and the letters b-o-o.” You can also spell out your words or initials. Make it yours!  

Granny Pumpkin
For this fun and silly granny pumpkin, turn the vegetable on its side and use the stem for a nose. “Then you attach cotton balls for grey hair and pink curlers,” Kelly says. To finish granny’s face, just add lips and cute little glasses!

If you said goodbye to the knife and tried a new, no-carve way to decorate your pumpkin this year, send us your pics here!


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