Spooky Potion

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than cooking up a few spooktacular dishes?! Turn your kitchen into a haunted laboratory with these ghostly grub recipes the whole family can enjoy. From peppers-n-brains to spooky potion, we’ve got something scary and fun for everyone!


Spooky Potion

1 punch bowl of green Kool-Aid
Dry ice
Latex or rubber gloves
Gummy worms for props

• Pour green Kool-Aid into a punchbowl.
• Add life-size zombie hands made from ice and latex or rubber gloves. Wash them thoroughly with dish soap and turn them inside out. Carefully pour in water.
• Fasten tightly at the wrist with a rubber band.
• Add gummy worms in and around the bowl for more fun.
• Set up a dry ice machine next to your scary potion to give it a deathly feel.


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