Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Still have no idea what you’re going to dress up as this year? Halloween is tomorrow, but don't panic, because “The Real” has got you covered. Check out these easy and creative costumes you can make at home! The best part is, you don’t have to be some super-crafty lady to pull them off!

Last-Minute Costume #1: Self Portrait
All you have to do to make this costume come to life is pull a picture frame down off the wall and remove the backing. “Leave it as is or spray paint it any color you like,” Tamar says. “You can dress however you want. Plus, the frame is bound to be a huge hit at parties because everyone will want to jump in your photo!”

Tip from Loni: “This could be a great way to pick up men. If you see a cutie, get him in the photo with you and start chatting it up!”

Last-Minute Costume #2: Tourist Couple
This idea is perfect for a couple looking for a last-minute matching getup. According to Adrienne, “Here’s what you need to gather: a camera with a neck strap, a paper map, a fanny pack and any kind of sun hat. Then, rummage through that Goodwill pile you started a few months ago and grab an old shirt — the more Hawaiian the better!” When you put it all tighter, you will be instant tourists!

Last-Minute Costume #3: Chia Head
For this costume, run down to your nearest craft store and buy some fake greenery. Or, Jeannie says you can go outside and pull the leaves off a tree! “Hot glue the leaves to a beanie,” she details. “Make sure you cover every inch so there isn’t any hat showing. Pick up some orange-colored foundation to look like clay.” Tap a chia head sign to a black jacket, and when you put it all together, everyone will love to watch you grow, grow, grow!

Last-Minute Costume #4: Sexy Ghost
“I’ve got a costume for someone who is out of time and as desperate as you can get,” Tamera says. “You can simply take your bed sheet off your bed for this one. Just cut holes for your eyes and mouth, then put it over your head. But wait, even ghosts have to look good! So go ahead and grab your bikini, then tie the bikini onto your body over the sheet.” You will come out looking like a sexy ghost with no spray tan or sit-ups required!


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