Pumpkin Candle

Pumpkins aren’t just for pie and jack-o-lanterns anymore. If you’re guilty of going pumpkin crazy every Halloween, then you’re stuck wondering what the heck to do with them afterward, we have a solution for you. Learn how to use your leftover gourds for some GOURDeous decorations!


Pumpkin Candle

Pumpkins (can use mini pumpkins, gourds, whatever you want!)
Sharp knife
Paper towels
Wax chips
Candle wicks
Candle scent

• Carve the top off the pumpkin of your choice, and place to the side.
• Scrape out the pumpkin guts and seeds, and wipe clean.
• Then in a double boiler, heat the wax fully over low heat.
• Mix in your scent of choice.
• Then, hot glue the candle wick into the pumpkin. You can use a spoon or straw to make a small indent in the bottom of the pumpkin so the wick sits easily.
• Carefully pour the hot wax into the pumpkin, until almost full.
• Give it 24 hours to fully set and harden, which can be sped up in the fridge!
• Save the top of the pumpkin as a cute lid for your pumpkin when it’s not lit.


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