It’s All in the Bag: 'The Real' Purse-onalites

Did you know that your favorite bag says a lot about your personality? That’s right — your go-to purse speaks volumes about who you are, your style, your lifestyle and your aspirations. Find out what these fab bags reveal about the girl who wears them, with “The Real” PURSE-onalities!

Crossbody Bag = On-the-Go Personality
“This is a must because it’s hands-free,” Jeannie says. “This bag won’t slow you down! It’s perfect for the woman on the go that likes to multitask while keeping their belongings close by. Also perfect for vogueing on the dance floor!”

Clutch = Compact Personalty
“I’ve got the clutch, and every girl needs one of these,” Adrienne says. “It’s cute and compact like me, because good things come in small packages. This bag is perfect for weddings and parties, but you better know what you need, as it only fits the basics; lipstick, phone, money and keys.”

Backpack Style = Practical Personality
“If you’re the no-fuss and practical type like me, then a backpack is perfect for you,” Loni shares. “And a backpack isn’t just for students anymore. You can use this bag while traveling or carry it to work!”

Tote Style = Prepared Personality
“If you like to be prepared, this is your must-have,” Tamera says. “You can fit everything in there that you could possibly need at any moment. I keep extra toys and snacks for my son, but a mirror and a compact for me. It lives up to its name because it totes everything!”

Statement Bag = Statement Personality
“To me, it’s not about the bag… it’s about making a statement,” Tamar shares. “A bag that stands out lets folks know you have arrived. A statement bag like this is the exclamation point at the end of your outfit. Plus, sometimes you need that extra BAM to hold all of your coins!”

Tamar Tip: Rocking a statement piece doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, it just needs to turn heads!


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