Essentials for Your Next Trip to the Gym

If you’re afraid to leave your valuables in your gym locker, but don’t want to be the bag lady who lugs her purse from machine to machine, then we’ve got a solution for you! Make sure your workout is worry-free with these fab fitness products… because the only thing you should be sweating over at the gym is your workout!

1. Contigo Water Bottle
This $13.99 water bottle has a secret compartment that can hold all your valuables. According to Adrienne, “You can hide your money, credit cards and even a key right in your water bottle, and you’re ready to go!”

2. Buddie Bra
We’ve all have that one aunt who insists on putting everything in her bra. Well, now there’s a sports bra for that! “It’s called The Buddie Bra, and it’s only $24, which is cheap for a bra,” Loni shares. “It has a built-in pocket right on top of the girls. Now that’s what I call a REAL treasure chest!”

3. FlipBelt
“My fitness stash is call FlipBelt and it’s only $28.99,” Tamar asserts. “This little belt can hold any and everything. No more running and hiking while trying to hold your keys, phone, ID, money, and of course, your makeup compact!”

4. Zip It Pocket Sock
We’ve all stuffed money or keys in our socks before, and they just get in the way. Thanks to Zip It Pocket Sock, which retails for just $9.95, this is now a problem of the past. “It has a zipper at the top that allows you to store your valuables perfectly while you work out,” says Jeannie.

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