Cozy in Bed

One thing you always pack for a sleepover is your sweet tooth! Learn how to make a new dessert for your next girls' night in, with our Snoozy Snack recipe, below!


Cozy in Bed

Graham crackers
Snack cakes
Large marshmallows
Fruit snacks (the rolled up sheets)
Peach, black, brown frosting

• Take a graham cracker and place a long snack cake on top of it.
• Use your melted marshmallow to secure it in place.
• Then, stick a marshmallow at the top of the cracker – this will be the pillow and face.
• Next, use frosting to create a face, hair and some makeup.
• Wrap it up in a fruit snack to create a blanket, and you have a Cozy in Bed snack!


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