The New Pretty: Fashion Tips

Staying in the box is so yesterday! When it comes to style, anything goes. Don’t believe us? Just ask fashion model Shaun Ross.

Toss out the old rules and take your wardrobe to another level with the newest, riskiest and most unusual trends for fall. Check out The New Pretty fashion tips.

1. Socks with Heels
While some people think wearing socks with heels is a big no-no, Shaun Ross says go for it! There are ways to rock this fashion-forward look without looking like a church girl. Try adding trousers or slim nylon socks with your classic pumps. Also, slouchy knit socks look great with boots and thick-heeled loafers.

2. Blanket Skirt
“Believe it or not, this blanket skirt has been making a huge statement lately,” Ross says. “Blake Lively wore it for a magazine cover she just shot, and people are going crazy over it!”

3. Clashing Patterns
Ross says there are three things you want to remember when clashing patterns. The first is color. “Make sure the top and bottom have one color in common,” he says. The second is balance. “Make sure to pair small prints with a larger scale pattern so your look won’t be overwhelming,” he adds. Be confident and have fun with it!

4. Muumuu
How can you make a comfy muumuu look hot without making it look like you’ve given up on fashion? Ross say it’s all about the accessories. “Throw on a super-cute sandal and bangles for a lunch date, or a pair of sassy heels or wedge for a fun cozy date night.”


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