No Time for Distress! Self-Defense Damsel Tips

We are strong, we are fierce, and we're kicking things into high gear for self-protection! Ladies, there's no time for distress around here... just time to become a self defense damsel! Check out a few everyday items you can use to protect yourselves against predators, below!


Your high heels are good for more than just fashion. If an attacker grabs you from behind and covers your mouth, you should use your heel to step on his toes, self-defense expert Jennifer Cassetta says. "Bite the hand on the mouth, swing around and use an elbow to knock the attacker across the head, and knee the groin. Then, run!"


Phone Flashlight
There's not always time to call 911, but the flashlight on your cell phone can give you a few seconds to temporarily distract your attacker. "You can also use it as a blunt object to hit him in the temple or eye socket," Jennifer says. "This gives you enough time to flee to safety."


Perfume or Hairspray
If you don't have pepper spray with you, these beauty items can help. "Spray it in the attacker's face, and since he won't be expecting it, you may stun him," Jennifer says. "I definitely recommend pepper spray because it's designed for this reason. You should always be prepared, have it in your hand ready to use it. Get some pepper spray if you don't already have some!"

Other everyday items you can use for self protection include a belt buckle, glass bottle, bike helmet and bed sheet, to temporarily blind your assailant. For more helpful tips on self-defense and self-confidence, check out Jennifer's book, "Hear Me Roar."


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