Grinchy Grapes

Santa’s got to get tired of milk and cookies at every house, so help make his gig a lot tastier with these Merry Munchies! Learn how to make yummy Grinchy Grapes that you, the kids and good ol’ St. Nick can enjoy. They’re sure to keep your bellies nice and full!


Grinchy Grapes

Green grapes
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate frosting

• Take a toothpick and form a shish kabob in the following order: mini marshmallow, strawberry, sliced banana coin, then green grape.
• To make the grapes stand up straight on the plate, cut the bottom of the grape so it’s flat. (You may also need to trim the toothpick.)
• Then, fill a piping bag with chocolate frosting and carefully draw a face on the grape.
• Let the frosting dry for 10 minutes and serve!


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