Reindeer Cupcakes

Santa’s got to get tired of milk and cookies at every house, so help make his gig a lot tastier with these Merry Munchies! Learn how to make yummy Reindeer Cupcakes that you, the kids and good ol’ St. Nick can enjoy. They’re sure to keep your bellies nice and full!


Reindeer Munchies

Your favorite box of cake mix (Follow box instructions!)
Chocolate frosting
Vanilla wafer cookies
Candy eyes
Red and brown chocolate candies

• Bake cake in cupcake tin according to box instructions.
• Let cool and then frost. (Store-bought frosted cupcakes work well too!)
• Then, put on pretzels to form the antlers and the cookie to create a muzzle.
• Use chocolate frosting to attach eye candies and a chocolate piece for the nose.
• Use brown to create Santa’s reindeer and red candies to make a Rudolph!


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