Merry Mocktail Recipes

Get your drink on this holiday season with a few Merry Mocktails! Learn how to sip the season’s cheer without the booze -- with festive drinks like a Reindeer Chocotini, Candy Cane Spritzer and a Mistletoe Martini!

Candy Cane Spritzer

Candy cane (for garnish)
Sparkling water

Take a splash of grenadine and top it with some sparkling water. Then, fill with ice and stir gently. Pop in a candy cane as a stirrer and there you have it! A Candy Cane Spritzer!

Gingerbread Jangle

Gingerbread Men Cookies (for garnish)
Apple cider (hot)
Ginger tea (hot)
Brown sugar

Take a glass and coat the rim with some brown sugar. Combine hot apple cider and ginger tea and stir gently, along with honey and lemon. Pour into a mug and add a gingerbread man to the glass.  

Mistletoe Martini

Simple syrup
Lime juice
Club soda
Green food coloring
Fake mistletoe and holly (for garnish)

Take some simple syrup, lime juice, club soda and a splash of green food coloring. Then add to a shaker. Add some fake mistletoe and holly to garnish the glass.

Reindeer Chocotini 

White chocolate flavoring syrup
Chocolate syrup
Star-shaped cookie
Crushed mint

Take a glass and drizzle some chocolate down the side of the glass. Freezing the glass will help the chocolate stay in place on the glass. Then shake up some milk, white chocolate syrup and crushed mint. Add a star-shaped cookie on the rim as garnish. 

Let It Snow Mojito


Pomegranate seeds
Mint leaves
Cranberries (for garnish)

Take some lemonade and shake with some pomegranate seeds and mint. Pour into an icy glass. Add a straw that has been skewered through some cranberries to create a cranberry straw, and it’s done!


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