3 Ways to Decorate for the Holiday on a Budget

It’s time for Ho, Ho, Ho Your Home for the holidays! Learn how to transform everyday household items into spirited Christmas décor, with Pillow presents, Frosty the Fridge and Candy Cane Vases. Let’s deck the halls!  

1. Pillow Presents
These festive decorations are super easy and you can use pillows you already have on your couch! “First, you take some ribbon to match your pillow and wrap it around the sides just like tying a bow on a present,” Tamera says. “Next, attach a huge bow on the front with some glue and now you’ve got Pillow Presents! 

Fun Tip: You can keep these up for as long as you want! They’re a stylish way to keep that holiday spirit going!

2. Frosty the Fridge
“This next one is great for the kids to do. We’re going to decorate an appliance in the kitchen,” Tamar says. “All you need is wrapping paper, construction paper, scissors and double-stick tape.” First, precut two long strips of wrapping paper, circles out of black construction paper, a triangle out of orange construction paper, and add double-stick tape to the backs.” Then, construct your snowman’s face and you’ve got… Frosty the Fridge!  

3. Candy Cane Vase
The next time you cook canned beans or soup, save the can and make a candy cane vase! “First off, glue the back of each candy cane to the can so the hook of it is pointing out,” Adrienne says. “Once you’ve covered the can with canes, add a pretty ribbon around the middle and tie a bow. For the final touch, fill the can with water and add some gorgeous flowers... and you’ve got yourself a festive and merry candy cane vase!”

We hope you love your new sparkling showpieces! Now show us how you decorate for the holidays on a budget by uploading your pictures to Facebook.com/TheRealDaytime.


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