Get Your Food-ercize On!

Did you know you can shed those holiday pounds using the same goodies from your feast? That’s right, grab a can of yams and a sack of potatoes, because it’s time to food-ercize!

Potato Arm Lifts
Tone your arms by putting your potato sacks to work! “When you’re lifting this potato sack with both arms, the key is to make sure you’re always keeping a bend in your elbow.” Tamar says. “Use the potatoes like a kettlebell! After doing a couple reps, trust me, your arms will be on fire.”

Ham Twists
Good news, ladies: pork can help you trim calories off your midsection! “With this move, make sure you’re only moving your upper torso and not the  rest of your body,” Loni instructs. “Use your ham like a medicine ball. This is an excellent exercise to get a burn in your midsection, especially your obliques!

Yam Dips
This move will keep your legs toned and ready for your favorite holiday dress. All you need are two big cans of yams. “When you go into the dip, you want to make sure your knees don’t go over your toes,” Adrienne points out. “They should actually be aligned. Just use those cans like dumbbells! Not only does this help your legs, it also helps with lifting your butt!”

This is a great way to stay fit while facing all that holiday food. If you don’t have these items in your ktichen, don’t worry. Feel free to substitute other dinner table favorites in your workout. For example, ham twists are just as effective with a turkey, and a 14-oz. can of soup gives the same results as yam dips.


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