5 Reasons Sippin’ Tea Is Good for You

It’s time for some tea-hee-hee! “The Real” ladies have been sippin’ tea since they were little girls, and the tea party hasn’t stopped just because they’re grown. Find out how their favorite aromatic beverage can keep you healthy and happy, with these tips. Pinkies up, ladies! 

Jeannie’s Chamomile Tea for Calmness
“When you think Chamomile, think ‘calm.’ Chamomile is known for significantly relaxing your blood vessels and smoothing out your muscle fibers in your body,” Jeannie says. “It’s best to drink chamomile tea 45 minutes before bed for a peaceful sleep.”

Tamera’s Green Tea for Weight Loss
Did you know that green tea is great for losing weight? “It has an antioxidant that kicks up your metabolism so you could end up dropping twice as much as non-Green Tea exercisers,” Tamera shares. 

Tamar’s Chai Tea for Stomachache
“Chai is a mix of spices like ginger and cinnamon that are known to soothe your stomach and help with digestion,” Tamar details. “So if you need to settle your tummy, Chai’s your guy.”

Loni’s Oolong Tea for Acne
“Oolong tea has these ninja-like compounds that fight off bacteria and infections that cause acne – and it helps flush out toxins,” Loni says. “Plus, it’s a kickass toner!”

Adrienne’s Peppermint Tea for Soreness
“Peppermint tea is the perfect cure for all your aches and pains,” Adrienne shares. “The menthol helps soothe your muscles and the minty scent calms your nerves. From cramps to migraines – this is the tea for you!”


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