Crave This? Eat That!

When PMS comes a-knocking, so do the cravings for binge foods! If you’re dying to stuff your face, check out these goodies that you can pig out on without the guilt.

Craving an Ice Cream Sundae?
Instead of indulging in 860-plus calories, try a non-fat Greek yogurt parfait sprinkled with walnuts and fruit on top. “It’s a similar feel, but only 193 calories,” Tamera says. “That's a 667 calorie savings, people!”

Craving Salty Chips?
Instead of chowing down on the whole bag, try air-popped popcorn with Italian seasoning to satisfy that craving. Four cups of the popcorn = 125 calories!

Craving Chocolate?
Swap that 506-calorie slice of chocolate cake and try sugar-free chocolate pudding instead! “It’s guilt-free at only 60 calories a cup,” Tamera says. 

Craving a Fat, Juicy Cheeseburger?
Instead of indulging in 670 calories of cheesy goodness, try a veggie burger for a healthier choice and hold off on the cheese. It’s important to know that while a veggie burger is lower in calories and fat, both choices are high in sodium. When all else fails, go for a salad, ladies!


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