Q&A with Mr. Manslation, Dante Spencer!

Relationship expert Dante Spencer is dropping knowledge from a man’s perspective in this Manslation! To decode the secret language of men, check out this Q&A below.

Q. Real Hair vs. Fake Hair: Do men care?

A. According to Dante, most fellas can’t tell the difference. “If it makes you feel more beautiful, then do it for yourself,” he says. “Just make sure your weave is tight enough that your man can’t pull it off during sex!”  

Q. Should women ever pay on the first date?
A. Unless you want to be a sugar mama, Dante says this is a big no-no! “If he asks you out and doesn’t reach for the bill, you need to reach for the door,” he says. 

Q. What does it mean if your man doesn’t like affection in public?
A. Dante says grabbing and groping below the belt should be off limits, but above the waist is fair game. “If your man isn’t down with that, then maybe you shouldn’t be down with him,” he advises. 

Q. Should I wax all hair away?
A. If a guy is over 40, he normally likes a little something down there, Dante shares. Whereas guys under 40, he says, don’t need grass on the field to step up to the plate.


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