Don’t Diss the Disc!

Before you toss out your old CDs, we’ve got some crafty ways to put them back in rotation. That’s right, don’t diss the disc! Say hello to a new CD flower vase, candle holder and wall art. 

CD Flower Vase

Here’s how to turn your boring old vase into something that sparkles…

1. Start by putting on a pair of gardening gloves and breaking up some old CDs into small pieces.

2. Remember: any time you’re breaking up CDs, protect your eyes from the little pieces that could fly off!

3. Then, grab an old, plain vase and super glue your pieces to it.

CD Candle Holder

Here’s how you can set the mood right for a romantic night at home…

1. Wipe off a CD with a damp cloth to make sure there’s no lint on it. Be sure to dry it off really well!

2. Decorate your CD by gluing rhinestones on it with a hot glue gun. 

3. Let it dry overnight, and when you’re done, place a tea light candle in the center. 

CD Wall Art

Here’s how you can decorate and lighten up your living space…

1. Decorate your CDs to your likening. You can use jewels, fabric and/or leave some of the CDs with just the mirrored backs.

2. Make sure none of the excess material is showing, so glue it to the back or just cut it off.

3. After you have a couple CDs covered in fabric, start gluing the fabric ones to the mirrored ones.

4, When you’re done gluing the CDs together in your own unique design, it should turn out something like the photo above.


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