Building the Perfect Eye

When it comes to makeup, the best way to switch-up your look is to try something new on your eyes. Check out these makeup tips and bring your lashes, eyeliner and brows on FLEEK! 

Step 1 - Get Your Ready for Makeup Application

Applying concealer to evenly tone the area, eye primer so your shadow stays on throughout the day, and follow with a base shadow all over your lid.

Step 2 - Apply Your Color 

Apply a darker eye shadow to the entire crease of your eyelid. This gives your eye more depth and a three-dimensional look.

Step 3 - Add Your False Lashes

Applying false lashes gives your eyes a dramatic look and draws more attention. Win-win! 

Step 4- Don’t Forget the Eyeliner

Apply liquid eyeliner to the top of your lid right above the lash line.

Step 5 - Eyebrows Are the Finishing Touch

Try Brow Bar To Go by Whitening Lightening. It’s a compact that comes in two different palettes.


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