Food to the Rescue

Learn how to put your grub to work and save yourself from some of the most common bad luck mishaps… it’s Food to the Rescue!

Bananas for Scratched Disks 

Get the scratches out of your favorite CD by rubbing a banana peel over it to seal up the cracks. “Just make sure you use glass cleaner before you put it in your player, and your DVDs will be good as new,” Adrienne says.

Bread for Broken Glass

This is a trick to clean up broken glass in a super snap. “Take a slice of bread and pat it on top of the broken glass,” Tamar shares. “The glass will attach to the bread! This is really good for picking up those small pieces.” Throw the bread that has the broken glass in the garbage and you are all cleaned up!

Tea for Lace Front Wigs 

If you got caught in a bad luck lace front situation, worry no more! 

First, bring some water to a boil. Then, take some dark tea and brew it in the water. When it’s brewed, take the tea off the heat and dip the bags IN the lace front. “You’re going to leave them in for about 20 minutes, but check to make sure it’s getting dark enough, but not too dark," Loni points out. “You want it to match your super-duper skin tone.”


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