Party Food Facial Recipes

After a fun night of partying, did you know you can take a few of your yummy snacks and smack ‘em on your skin? Yep, we’re talking about Party Food Facials! Don’t be a party pooper… check out these recipes! 

Salsa Mask

Pico de gallo without chili peppers
1 can of tomato paste

1. Place pico de gallo into a blender along with tomato paste.

2. Blend well and place in a bowl.

Holy Guacamole Mask

Lime Juice
Olive Oil

1. Add lime juice and olive oil to bowl of leftover guacamole. Mix well and apply on your face!

Mash Mask

Potatoes with sour cream and chives

1. Take your left over potatoes and scoop out the filling.

2. Add potato filling to a bowl with sour cream and chives.

3. Add more sour cream to the mixture, to your liking.

4. Mix until you obtained your desired texture.


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