Pickle Fried Poppers

There are lots of things to do with pickles that go way beyond hamburgers and hot dogs. Pickles are making a comeback, so step your game up with this creative recipe!


12 kosher dill pickles
2 cup pimento cheese
12 egg roll wrappers

• Using a large straw or an apple corer, remove the centers of the pickles. (Be careful if using the apple corer!)
• Add cheese in a frosting piping bag and fill the center of the pickle, making sure it doesn’t ooze out the other end.
• Then wrap your finished pickles in egg roll wrappers. Lay the pickle in the center of the wrapper. The wrapper should be at an angle so it looks like a diamond, with the pickle in the center.
• Fold one side of the egg roll wrapper over to cover the pickle. Then, fold the bottom and top end over it. Using your finger and a small amount of water, run it lightly over the unfolded edge of the wrapper to seal it. It should look like an egg roll, but you can also create your own style of wrapping. Repeat this until all pickles are wrapped.
• Heat oil to medium-high in a skillet. Add the pickles and pan fry until golden brown. Turn as it’s cooking to ensure it’s evenly fried.
• Place the pickles on a rack to cool before serving.


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