Chick Cribs

Bring on the pastels, flowers and Easter bunnies, because spring has officially sprung! Liven up your Easter basket with this sweet treat!


Chick cribs

1 12 oz bag milk chocolate chips
1 12 oz bag peanut butter chips
Pretzel sticks
Marshmallow bunnies

• Set the power button on your microwave to 50 percent and melt a half bag of chocolate and peanut butter chips for 1 minute, or until completely melted. Stir it up good, then heat for another 40 seconds.
• Crush up a few pretzel stick and pour your mixture over the pretzels until they are drowning in chocolate and totally coated.
• Take a handful of your mixture and press it into a greased muffin tin to form little nests.
• Once you’ve made your nest, add in a little chickie and enjoy!


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