BEAUTY 101 Tips

It’s Beauty 101 with expert Nina Sutton! Check out these tips on how to choose the perfect foundation, when to use cream or powder eye shadow, and the fastest way to apply eyeliner. Pay attention, because there are no beauty school dropouts around here! 

How do you choose foundation for oily skin? 
According to Nina, powder foundation is great for more oily skin, because it absorbs the oil and provides sheer coverage. It’s also good for a hot day! Choose a liquid foundation for more moisture. 

When you need your eye shadow to last all day, should you go for powder or cream?
Many people make the mistake of not putting primer under their powered eye shadow. For this scenario, Nina says cream eye shadow is the best because it will stay put.

When you’re in a rush, should you go for gel or liquid eyeliner?
You should use the pencil eyeliner because it it easier to control, Nina says. Gel eyeliner takes a little more time to apply. 

What’s the secret to long-lasting lipstick?
The key is a combination of prep, application, and product choices. First, make sure your lips are well moisturized. Dry, chapped, or cracked are gross! Then, apply lip balm, a primer and lip liner. Finally, it’s time to apply your shade. Remember the more pigment a product contains, the longer it will last. After you apply, blot your lips for excess oils and add another shade. 


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