4 Makeup Miracles You Can't Live Without!

We’ve all been there… when you’re doing your lips and your favorite lipstick breaks in half. It can leave you heartbroken, but there’s a way to mend your heart and your lipstick. Check out these 4 miracle makeup tips!

1. Broken Lipstick
To fix broken lipstick, place the broken piece back on top, and use a lighter to melt the two pieces back together. After that, pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes, and voilà! 

2. Dried-Out Liquid Eyeliner
Just dip the tip of the eyeliner pen in cold water. Hold it there for a few seconds, and then — OMG — it’s ready to use again!

3. Use Blush for Lipstick
Nothing pulls your look together like a beautiful lip color. If you ever find yourself lipstick-less, your blush can be a lifesaver! All you do is put clear lip gloss on your lips and then pat your blush on top to create a lip stain.

4. Broken Eyeshadow
Here’s how to fix shattered eyeshadow: Just add 2 to 3 drops of rubbing alcohol to the cracked eyeshadow and pat it down. In the morning it will look like new! 


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