Are you ready to take the Pinterest War challenge? Learn how to bake and decorate a bunny cake like the ladies of "The Real”! 


2 cooked circle chocolate cakes
1 nice large platter to make bunny on
1 knife
1 spatula
white frosting
chocolate frosting pen
blue frosting in piping bag
red frosting in piping bag
2 small blue small round candies
1 small red candy
1 small bowl of red colored sugars
1 small bowl of gold colored sugar


1. Bake your favorite cake in 2 round cake pans. 

2. Cut out ears in the first cake. The remainder will turn into the bowtie.

3. The different pieces of cake will make the rabbit head (2nd cake), ears and the bow tie. Set them on a platter together.

4. Frost the top of all pieces with the white frosting.

5. Place the eyes and nose with round candy.

6. Draw the outline of the rabbit ears with pink frosting and fill them in with the small red colored sugars. 

7. Do the same for the bow tie with a blue frosting and gold colored sugars.

8. Draw whiskers using chocolate pen.


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