Spoonful of Beauty Tips

Did you know that a spoon can be used for more than just eating?! We’re not forking around, so open wide to check out this easy Spoonful of Beauty tips and tricks!

Spoon for Superb Eyebrows

Tip: Just line up the curve of the spoon under your brow, and use it as a guideline to start filling in your eyebrow.

Spoon for Contoured Cheeks

Tip: We’ve all seen contouring go wrong, and one problem is not knowing your facial structure, so use the spoon to cup the apples of your cheeks. The areas just below your cheeks are the hollows where you should be contouring.

Spoon for Winged Eyeliner

Tip: Getting that perfect winged eyeliner look can be super tricky, but did you know that you can use a spoon as your guide? First, use the handle of the spoon along the outer eye corner to draw a straight line. Then, flip it over so it’s cupping your eyelid to draw in the perfect curved wing. Then fill it in… and voila!

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