Welcome to "The Real" Fitness Revolution!

Welcome to "The Real" Fitness Revolution! I'm so pleased to be able to reach out to everyone here who is seeking to get healthier. 

The goal is to share my journey and what I've learned throughout my 8-year fitness journey. The goal for "The Real" Fitness Revolution is to ignite change and spark a radical movement among all of our viewers to get healthier, leaner, stronger and wiser about food choices. 

You'll also follow our couple, James and Tiffany, as they embark on their weight-loss journey with me. It's a journey to lose 183 pounds, but really it's a journey toward optimal health. Optimal health really begins within. A lifestyle of health begins with a DECISION; a decision to get healthier, which means you'll do what it takes to get there. 

I'll be your fitness coach and guide, and I'll share my advice about the foods, tips and exercises that I believe in and what's worked for me and the hundreds of clients I've helped over the years. 

I invite you to visit my website, bellafitnessgroup.com, and to follow "The Real" on Instagram and Twitter, and The Bella Fitness Group as well on Twitter @bellafitness09 and Instagram @bellafitnessgroup

Remember, your health is your one true investment. Build it wisely. 



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