5 Fitness Tips for a Fabulous Backside

Everyone wants a nice firm butt, and you can certainly improve the composition of your glutes! Check out the five tips from our fitness blogger Chaunda, owner of The Bella Fitness Group.

Here are 5 Tips to build a Bella (beautiful) butt!

1. Clean up the diet: Eat whole foods, cut out the processed foods, snacks, sodas and juices. 

2. Eat more protein: Protein is the building block of muscle do be sure to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. Protein helps to create more lean muscle, thus creating a firmer butt. Choose lean turkey, chicken and fish.

3. Slow down: when performing butt exercises, slow the movement down to maximize the effect of the exercise. For example, do squats slowly going down to a count of 4 and coming up on a 2-3 count. Feel the burn!

4. Isolate the glutes during walking, squeeze your butt at the top of squats and lunges. This increases your muscle contractions and builds a better butt.

5. Do some form of cardio that engages the glutes like running or waking stairs, the stair climber, or the treadmill at an incline. Work those glutes and they will thank you one day with a firmer, tighter Bella butt!

Chaunda is the owner of The Bella Fitness Group in Lawrenceville, GA. She has lost over 115 pounds and is now a passionate fitness advocate, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a professional singer. Visit her on the web at bellafitnessgroup.com, on Instagram at @bellafitnessgroup and Twitter at @bellafitness09.


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