Get Fit for Good

What separates the people able to lose weight from those who are unsuccessful at slimming? I wanted to share the TRUE SECRET to losing weight, and more importantly, losing it for good. 

I've worked with thousands of people over the past 5 years -- some have had success with losing weight and some haven't. Those who have been able to lose weight all had one characteristic in common: THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS. 

This is the secret to finding your way through obesity. You can want it, you can dream about it, you can cry about it, you can hate yourself all day, but until you make up your mind that you are ready to do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IT TAKES to lose weight, you will NEVER SUCCEED. You would be fighting a losing battle when you only halfheartedly attempted to embark on a fitness journey. 

If you keep the mindset that the journey will be too tough, you're already losing. It ain't gonna be easy! Accept that. Losing weight is hard, it's very hard! Change your mind about that... accept HARD. ACCEPT THAT YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!

I have seen so many people try to get healthy with feeble mindsets, only to fall back into their comfort zones of couch-potatoism, eating fast food, laziness, smoking, drinking and simply weak, lackluster mindsets. You can't just workout "a little," you can't eat well just once or twice a week, you can't keep the same toxic, unhealthy friends around you, and you can't keep eating crap and expect to get healthy! 

It is YOUR body. It's YOUR life. It's YOUR destiny at stake. Only YOU and God control the trajectory of your life. If you're putting your job first and chasing overtime every week and are too busy to workout, or whether you are still hanging out in the clubs, drinking, smoking and eating chicken wings and pizza, or whether you are simply stuck in the house eating yourself to sleep every night... the decision must be made to either change everything by becoming uncomfortable, or to stay the same and remain in your comfort zone -- uncomfortably fat and unhealthy. Choose your uncomfortable! 

The choice is yours. A better life can be yours. Loving yourself again can happen, but you MUST MAKE THE DECISION TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET THERE.

1. No more quitting. 

2. No more backsliding. 

3. No more taking the easy way out. 

4. No more blaming others for your failures. 

5. No more pity parties. 

6. No more toxic relationships. 

7. No more self-hatred. 

8. No more bitterness. 

9. Get up. 

10. Change it all. 

11. Find yourself. 

12. Forget the haters. 


Chaunda is the owner of The Bella Fitness Group in Lawrenceville, GA. She has lost over 115 pounds and is now a passionate fitness advocate, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a professional singer. Visit her on the web at Follow Chaunda on INSTAGRAM @bellafitnessgroup and Twitter @bellafitness09.


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