4 Nail Art Trends You’ve Gotta Try

Learn how to turn your own nails into a work of art, without leaving the house!

Quilted Nails

This beautiful look is inspired by sweaters and quilts. 

  1. Just take your favorite nail polish color and a thin thread, like the kind you find on a tooth flosser. 
  2. Paint on a few coats and let it dry so it’s just tacky enough to leave an impression.
  3. Finally, take your flosser and create a crisscross design like this.

Negative Space

The fiercest way to wear polish right now is to know how NOT to wear it… we’re talking about negative space nails!

  1. This look is all about strategically removing your polish to create cutting-edge designs. 
  2. Use tape to block off what areas of your nail you want to leave blank. 
  3. Then use a dark shade of polish to paint the uncovered parts of your nail.
  4. Carefully remove the tape and use a thin brush or cotton swab to straighten out the lines.

Hologram Nails

This is a chic, trendy look that will leave your nails outshining the rest!

  1. These nails use metallic colors and texture to create a holographic look. You can even play with other nail colors to create a shattered glass effect.
  2. For the shattered glass look, paint your nails black, then add a top coat.
  3. When the polish is still wet, stick a “shard” of metallic Mylar paper onto your nail. (You can get this from any craft store.) 
  4. Let it dry and seal it in with a clear topcoat. 

Web Exclusive: Create your own Marble Nails!

For this cool look, you’ll need a cup filled with water, scotch tape, any nail polish colors you like, a base coat, top coat and toothpicks.

  1. Paint your nails with a clear base coat. 
  2. Paint your nails with 2 coats white nail polish. 
  3. Put scotch tape around your skin and cuticles. Be sure that the tape doesn’t touch the nail.
  4. Add the nail polishes to the water: put some nail polish on the brush and drop it into the water; alternate your colors so it looks like a bullseye. 
  5. Place a toothpick on the water, from about the 3rd ring out. Drag the toothpick inward, toward the center of the polish circles. Do this all the way around the cup so it looks like a flower.
  6. Dip your finger in the cup at a 45 degree angle.
  7. Keep your finger in the water, then use a clean toothpick to detach the nail polish from your finger. Then, take your finger out of the water.
  8. When nail polish is dry, remove the tape and add a clear top coat, and voila!


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