More Info on Our Makeup Wonders!

“The Real” ladies are showing you new makeup must-haves that will change how you do your makeup! Ch-ch-check it out!

1. Try Physician’s Formula Matchmaker
This color-changing makeup by PH Matchmaker is kind of magic. Forget trying on shade after shade of foundation, because Physician’s Formula pressed powder actually adapts to your skin tone! You’ll always have the perfect match!

2. NYX Be Gone
Everyone knows it’s not easy to remove a fierce matte lip or bold lip stain after a long day. NYX Be Gone goes on so smooth like a balm, and gently buffs away lipstick while simultaneously infusing your pout with Vitamin E.

3. Sweat Cosmetics!
This product is perfect for those of us who love to break a sweat, but also like a little coverage. Their mineral foundation promises to let your skin breathe while also acting as a water-resistant powder that won’t ruin your look, clog your pores, or run into your eyes.


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