$100 Decor Tips

We all know decorating can be expensive, but there are easy ways to make new projects fit in your budget! With the help of Interior designer Kyle Schuneman, we’re showing you how to spruce up your home for one hundred dollars or less!

Tip #1: Bring Bare Walls to Life
According to Kyle, personalizing your home is key, and DIY silhouettes are a great way to showcase your family. “First, take a photo of each person and print them, cut them out, then trace them onto black construction paper. Then, cut it out using the same precision as before. Tape it to the center of a white 8x10 piece of paper, frame and hang.”

Tip #2: Flip an Old Bookcase into Something New
With this project, you can create modern art using an old style bookcase! “Update your piece by painting a bold color on the inside of the shelves and inside on the back of the bookcase to give it new life,” Kyle says. “It’s also a great way to add color to a room without having to paint your walls.”

Tip #3: Update His or Her Chair
“I love paint, because it’s so cheap and you can really customize it to any color palette you have,” Kyle shares. “All you have to do is use tape to cover the part of the furniture that you don’t want to paint. Then, paint or spray paint the uncovered area. When it’s dry, peel the tape off and you’re done!”

For more budget-friendly design tips, visit Kyle Schuneman’s website at kyleschuneman.com.


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