Spell Your Name Workout!

Here's a quick workout that anyone can do anywhere with minimal equipment. It's called the "Spell Your Name Workout," and here’s how it works: All you have to do is perform the listed exercises according to the spelling of your name. Do your first and last name and have fun! This workout is super fun, so have your friends join you and let me know how you do! You can connect with “The Real’s” Fitness Revolution coach Chaunda Walls on Instagram @bellafitnessgroup and Twitter @bellafitness09.

A: 50 Jumping Jacks
B: 20 Crunches
C: 30 Squats
D: 15 Push-Ups
E: 20 Lunges
F: 12 Burpees
G: 20 Bicep Curls
H: 20 Jump Squats
I: 30 Mt. Climbers
J: 30 High Knees
K: 50 Squats
L: 40 Bicycle Crunches
M: 10 Burpees
N: 100 Jump Ropes
O: 50 Jumping Jacks
P: 25 Crunches
Q: 20 Push Ups
R: 20 Jump Squats
S: 20 Lunges
T: 20 Full Sit-Ups
U: 50 Jump Ropes
V: 30 Mt. Climbers
W: 50 High Knees
X: 20 Wide Grip Push-Ups
Y: 25 Squats
Z: 10 Burpees

REPEAT 3 Times!


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