Dos and Don’ts for Attacking Adult Acne

We’ve got the scoop on causes and treatments for you to kick adult acne to the curb. 

DON’T think about adult acne as the same breakouts you had as a kid. According to dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, its totally different than what you experienced when you were younger, because your skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. 

DO clean your makeup brushes and cellphone at least once a week, as these items can be covered in dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria.

DON’T travel without skincare items. 

DO start attacking acne right on the plane. Carry blotting paper on the plane to dab excess oil, and wash and exfoliate your skin as soon as you land.

DON’T use hotel soaps or water to wash your face. 

DO bring your own soap on your travels and wash your face with bottled water. 

DON’T pick or pop your pimples.

DO use a baby washcloth or gentle facial brush to wash your face. Pat it dry to avoid additional irritation.


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