Petcube Gives Check to Hurricane Harvey Survivor

Today on "The Real," Petcube gave a check for $10,000 to a Hurricane Harvey survivor! For more about them, check out their social media and information below.

For those times when you can't be with your pets, Petcube allows you to see, talk, play, and treat your pets remotely, giving your pets love when you're away.

Whether it's Petcube Bites treat cam that flings treats, or Petcube Play cam with built-in laser pointer, Petcube cameras all come with night vision, and sound and motion alerts. Ensure that you never miss a thing when you're on the go. Petcube is a great home monitoring solution with video cloud recording – all backed by a 1-year warranty, money back guarantee, and free shipping.

Through the month of September, Petcube is also donating a portion of sale proceeds from to hurricane relief rescue efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.


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