When speaking about NFL players taking a knee as a form of peaceful protest, Adrienne first called her veteran dad to make sure what she said wouldn't offend him.

Adrienne’s Papa Joe is a Marine, a veteran of the Vietnam War, and he has a Purple Heart. Adrienne said she wanted to be sure she didn’t offend her father or anyone who served in the military while talking about the NFL controversy.

“He’s so proud of how he fought for this country,” she said.

What was her father’s response? Adrienne revealed he told her, “You know what, baby? I fought for people to have freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in Spanish, in Chinese, in Arabic.And that’s what these people are fighting for,” Adrienne related.

“They aren’t disrespecting the flag. You’re actually saying what this flag stands for. It stands for you to have the right to say what you feel, to have the freedom of speech and more importantly, that they are doing it in a peaceful way.”

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