Plandid pose

Move over duckface, because there's a new pose trending on Instagram. It’s called the “plandid,” and it’s short for a planned candid.

In other words, it’s a pic on Instagram that’s meant to look like it was taken on the spur of the moment, when it was actually very well planned and many, many versions were vetoed before the final, perfectly casual-looking pic was posted.

Selena Gomez plandid pose

Stars like Selena Gomez have been embracing this photo posing trend for a while now, posting shots of herself walking with morning coffee in the perfect light, at the perfect angle, or sitting in a garden with manicured yet tousled hair.

The hosts of “The Real” all admit to taking some level of “plandid” shots over the years.

Tamera plandid pose

“My whole feed is plandids,” Adrienne Houghton revealed. “My husband is the photographer, and I make him take about 700 pictures to get the one that looks like I’m just walking, and everything was phenomenal.”

Jeannie Mai is also a fan of this trend, and is partial to the group plandids she’s done with the other hosts.

Plandid pose

“I feel like, though, as a squad here, we are pros at the plandid,” Jeannie said. “We really are.”

The secret to taking a great photo for Instagram that looks natural while also looking amazing, is to always have your plandids based in some level of reality.

Plandid pose


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