Tracee Ellis Ross' Top Beauty Tip

We’re always checking for the newest and best beauty tips here at “The Real,” so when we’re lucky enough to have someone as gorgeous and talented as Tracee Ellis Ross stop by the studio, we jump at the chance to learn her secrets.

Ross, the daughter of beauty, fashion and music icon Diana Ross, and one of the stars of “Black-ish,” has a lot to say when it comes to beauty, staying up on the latest trends, and styling herself from head to toe.

“I actually started a hashtag on my Instagram, #TheGirlWhoLovesToShop,” Ross said. “So when I style myself, you know that it’s out of my closet.”

Not only does she know how to style herself, she also knows how to keep herself healthy, which Ross said is an important part of any beauty regimen.

“I’m really big on hydration,” she said. “I’m 44 years old, and I think hydrating in all areas, you gotta drink the water so there’s hydration on the inside and the outside.”

Ross also recommends “spanking” your moisturizer into your face, by tapping lightly on your skin while the moisture sinks in, a trick Jeannie Mai says is common in her household as well.

When it comes to her signature look, Ross stays away from complicated makeup looks, like contour and highlights. Instead, she says she simply pats a small amount of facial oil onto the areas of her skin she wants to pop, and let’s nature do the rest.

Do you have any beauty tips that work wonders for you? Let us know, and send us selfies of your best looks. We might even share them on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat!


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