Keep It REAL... Even with Your Christmas Tree!

In addition to benefiting local farmers and seasonal lots, electing to bring a natural Christmas tree into your home benefits our environment immensely compared to purchasing an artificial tree! While natural trees are biodegradable, artificial ones are likely to be thrown away after years of use, where they’ll literally sit in a landfill for centuries. Keep it real this Christmas and take your family for an exciting experience of choosing a NATURAL tree, together! After all, nothing can compete with the experience of selecting a real tree with those who mean the most to you.

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Real Talk Monday, March 01

Don’t Treat Me Like a Queen? Plus: Japan Appoints a Minister of Loneliness

Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen, right? According to one woman, if a man treats you like a queen, you won’t feel challenged, you’ll end up feeling guilty, and he’ll eventually resent you. We weigh in on the idea of being treated like royalty in a relationship. Plus, Japan has announced a new leadership position that has us talking! The Minister of Loneliness would oversee government policies that could help combat seclusion and isolation.