Play with Color

AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses allow you to enhance your look with an unexpected bit of color! With 12 natural-looking colors, ranging from subtle (Pure Hazel, Blue, Green, Gray, Honey and Brown) to vibrant (Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Sterling Gray, Amethyst, Turquoise and True Sapphire), add a pop of color to your eyes in a fun and temporary way.

Check out the AIR OPTIX® COLORS Color Studio to upload a photo, virtually “try on” all 12 colors, and schedule a comprehensive eye exam with America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses.

Don’t forget! You need to have a prescription to wear AIR OPTIX(R) COLORS contact lenses. Don’t sleep in these lenses and don’t share them with your friends. Ask your eye doctor for complete wear, care and safety information.


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