Bunless Cheeseburger on a Stick Recipe

Enjoy these as a delicious snack, or as an appetizer at your next party!

Yellow cheese, cut in small pieces
Pre-cooked bacon slices, cut in small pieces
Iceberg lettuce, cut into small pieces
Grape tomatoes, cut in half

• Bake up some meatballs.
• Then, stack your desired toppings on toothpicks – like bacon, lettuce and a half grape tomato.
• Next, cut small pieces of yellow cheese, place them on the meatballs and place them back in the oven to melt for a couple of minutes. Once they’re done, take them out of the oven and they should look like this.
• Now, you’re almost done. Poke the already stacked skewer into the meatball, plate and serve.


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