The Ladies Share Their Major Holiday Dos and Don'ts in the Countdown to Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, Jeannie, Adrienne, Loni and Tamera are already putting people in their place when it comes to the dos and don’ts of the festive season.

Jeannie: Don’t Waste Alcohol, and Know When to Exit the Party! “I am done with bad holiday party etiquette. The drinks are flowing the parties are going, but y’all stop leaving unfinished alcohol laying around! What is that? Yo, you gotta finish what you started before you grab another one! You’re wasting good alcohol. Do you know how many other countries wanna get crunk with what’s leftover?! And another thing – don’t overstay your welcome. Eat, drink, be merry, then bounce! Please don’t make your holiday host resort to turning the vacuum cleaner on. Get in, get lit, then go home!”

Loni: Keep Your Festive Food Simple, People! “I’ve had it up to the North Pole with people getting fancy with their holiday dishes. Stick to the basics, people. Stop putting them raisins, nuts and pimentos, cinnamon and marshmallows and whatever crap you want to try and put in your classic dishes. We just want regular food.”

Adrienne: Filler Gifts? Nah, Fam! “Who doesn’t love a gift around the holidays? We all do. But do you know what’s not cutting it anymore? Filler gifts. Filler gifts are gifts where you just give someone a gift just to say you got them something. I’m not trying to go home with all your extras. It’s just junk with way too much packaging. If you’re thinking of getting me a filler gift, just skip it. I cherish a handmade card or a holiday catch-up text… as far as filler gifts go, nah, fam. Keep those to yourself!”

The ladies have spoken. Real fam, do you agree?


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